Nkombe Rhino

At Team Nkombe we have the incredible privilege to sponsor, support, train and motivate the members of our Anti Poaching Unit (APU) 

These dedicated and professionally trained men, are presently fighting for the future of a sustainable wildlife heritage for all mankind.


Whilst you are reading this -  our team is deployed deep in the African Savannah (Bush veldt) protecting, tracking and setting up advanced search patrols to intercept the pandemic of poaching incursions in the Greater Kruger national Park Biosphere.


Separated from loved ones, rangers of our APU can easily suffer from burnout.

The simplest of things – such as comfortable tents, a nutritious meal plan and running water after a tough week on patrol, makes all the difference to the APU’s wellbeing and is vitally important to our Anti Poaching Units morale. It’s an emotional thought to think that our children generations might not have the opportunity to view the Rhinoceros, the Elephant, the Lion as part of Africa’s iconic Big Five.


Wildlife poaching is a multimillion dollar ‘underworld' , there are many species facing the mantle of critically endangered on our worldwide stage.


At Nkombe we have chosen to support our APU, as they investigate and protect all creatures ‘Great and Small’ - with Rhino’s being at the forefront of our support for the foreseeable future.


Please Do Not underestimate any contribution you make, as each act of kindness and support adds to creating awareness, the supply of much needed equipment, helping to cover food expenses, medical support and transport costs.   It’s this motivation that is at the very core of our support, vision and ethos - to continue too ‘fight another day’ in conserving our heritage and wildlife and supporting each member of the Nkombe Anti Poaching Unit.


Yours in active conservation

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Custodians of hope.

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