The dehorning of rhino has been a highly debated topic, but actions and results are what drives us.

Over the past 6 years of being involved in the dehorning of a closed population of rhino, results have been prominent in showing the deterring effect of poachers.



Please watch the video below:

The process of dehorning a rhino is reliant on tandem work from a ground and aerial team, the latter will locate and dart the animal through the onboard Vet, after which the ground crew will be called in to ensure the safety of the animal before any procedures begins.

Once stabilised, a blindfold and ear muffs is out on the Rhinos yes and ears to keep the animal calm.

The horn is then removed 8cm above the base to ensure no nerves are touched, ensuring a painless procedure. After completion, the remainder of the horn is grinder down to ensure maximum removal of horn.

The general condition of the animal is checked and an antibiotic spray is applied just before the animal goes free .The removed horn is then micro-chipped and bar-coded, before being sent off to a safekeeping facility offsite.

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