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We are very proud to announce that we have started our "APU experience" with neighborhood lodges on our reserve.


This initiative is a welcomed addition to an already stellar sheet of additional activities on offer at the lodges.

The APU experience aims to provide guests with an insight into the protection of endagered species, with a focus on rhino.

It also serves as an educational add on to the exciting daily "game drives".


Guests are introduced to the unit and taken thourgh a presentation on the scale of the rhino poaching situation.

Followed by a tour of the APU base camp and an oppertunity to actually take part in various activities thereafter.


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 APU Experience.

Conservation through tourism

After what promised to be an exciting week with our Swiss clients, delivered an even better result than expected.

Our 4 guests arrived in South Africa for a 7 night conservation safari, not knowing what was ahead..

Settling into camp they quickly adapted to Africa time and the flow of the bush.

After 3 night of private big 5 walking and driving safari, they moved over to the home of Nkombe for 4 nights of hands on conservation experiences.

Spending time at our APU base and learning from their everyday needs and task, it soon became clear why this is one of the toughest jobs out there.

Our guests met with various partners to see how everyone, no matter how different, provided another tool to the ever changing toolbox that is Rhino conservation.

Here is to sharing many more experiences with likeminded guests.

A Safari into Conservation

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