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Education is the cornerstone of protecting wildlife for future generations.

We launched such an initiative with Martin Meyer Safaris to educate clients on the plight of Africa's most endangered species.


During last week we hosted 12 safari clients from the USA, and the experience was a look behind the curtain of conservation.


Current rhino issues and goings on were shared and our clients had the oppertunity to experience it all first hand.


Always a favourite is meeting the APU, these are the real heroes, fighting not only poaching, but the daily elements.


We look forward to host many more people, in our quest to bring everyone together to fight for our wildlife.

Conservation Safaris.

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Sean Kristafor (@cptcoffeeguy) ,

owner of The World's Strongest Coffee, has adopted an orphan white rhino from a facility in Limpopo.


Sean has promised to support this young orphan for an extended period of time and your involvement is greatly encouraged.


We've decided to put our support behind his project and would like you to join us, as each extra voice and $ will make this project one that will keep the spotlight on a growing problem in our country.



You can see the progress of the project by visiting his #RhinoRescue campaign HERE and show your support!

The season of giving is upon us, and like so many times before, are we asking you, the public, to help us support our Anti Poaching Gaurds in the bush.

We have started a GivengGain project "BushWheels" with the purpose of aiding our unit with a second hand support vehicle designated for APU use only.

Please help us reach our goal of $10 000 to be ably to supply a vehicle and a part of the running cost.

*If a single person/company donates the entire amount, the vehicle will be branded with their prefered branding. 



Follow them on FaceBook HERE 

“In a place where many would see despair, she saw hope”

In June 2013, Di Wilkinson, mother of three, was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease and immediately required dialysis three times a week for five hours at a time. Furthermore, she required/requires a life-saving kidney transplant. Unfortunately, none of her family members are compatible and with less than 1% of the South African population registered as organ donors, her future is rather uncertain. 

Refusing to give up on life and motivated by her passion for wildlife, Di recently started painting beautiful, large platters with different wild animals on them.

Her children, unbeknown to her posted one of her platters on a social media platform, which received an overwhelming positive response and so #ThePlatterProject was born…



#The Platter Project

#ThePlatterProject aims to create awareness around wildlife conservation and organ donation through the personal journey of the Wilkinson family.

More about #ThePlatterProject:
-The plates are kindly donated by the artist.
- ALL FUNDS will be donated to either an official organisation associated with organ donation or wildlife conservation (Details regarding auctions and events will be provided as they happen, including information about the specific organisation where funds will be donated).
- Platters are hand thrown, painted and then glazed.
- Due to the severity of Di Wilkinson’s condition, not many will be painted.
- Platters are LARGE (+/- 45cm diameter)"

This special project is one that we have been following for some time now.

It showcases the talent of Di Wilkinson and the strenght that the Wilkinsons draw from their love for wildlife.


These platters have become extremely popular and their first platter has gone to Advocate Thuli Madonsela, South Africa’s beloved outgoing Public Protector. (read the full article HERE).


Recently a donar made a donation towards one of their platters and they decided to support our cause at NKombe Rhino with those funds.


Thank you to #ThePlatterProject, this awesome donation will go towards new tents for our APU.

(Pics to follow).






Conservation the way it should be.


We are proud to announce this exciting new conservation exclusive.


This educational experience puts you in the frontline of conservation, by experiencing it the authentic way.


Please stay tuned for more updastes on these exclusive experiences.

Also feel free to contact us for more info.


Thank Martin Meyer Safaris for being our partner on this groundbreaking initiative.

Communication is key!!

Probably one of the most vital parts of this war on poaching is communication.


We are fortunate to have upgraded our communication systems to a Digital Hytera system.

This was made possible by your donations and contributions.


PUMA joins the fight!

Puma South Africa jumped in to assist our APU!


By providing this batch of qualty clothing (now part of our uniform) they've boosted the morale of our team and also created visable awareness!! 

Red means STOP!

NkombeRhino.org hosts Isuzu South Africa to dehorn Rhinos to combat future poaching incidents in the Blue Canyon Conservancy - Hoedspruit

June 7, 2016


Nkombe in partnership with Isuzu South Africa will focus their dehorning efforts in the Blue Canyon Conservancy that forms part of the  northern regions of The Greater Kruger National Park Biosphere.


In addition to dehorning rhinos, within the Blue Canyon Conservancy the NkombeRhino.org NonProfit Organisation is creating an anti-poaching open dialogue discussion that will patrol poorly monitored areas of private nature reserves across the South African landscape, with the blue-print to support APU’s through social media campaigns and international donor funds to procure equipment, vehicle funding and a wishlist to ease the demands on our associated APU’s (Anti-Poaching Units) throughout the regions deemed most vulnerable.


NkombeRhino.org in partnership with Isuzu South Africa fully understand that the Dehorning process on its own will not combat the scourge of the rhino poaching pandemic to date, however, it will provide for some relief whilst awaiting change in legislation.. 

Meyer says - “ as dehorning forms part of the sustainable tourism initiative, it has to be compliantd in educating and uplifting surrounding communities.

NkombeRhino.org and Isuzu SA are committed to a future of stronger surveillance on the ground, live feedback between regional APU entities and expedient prosecutions with higher penalties. Not to mention the important role of education within the local school communities to impart an ethos for future generations to conserve and protect our natural heritage as custodians of hope…”


We believe that international and local awareness and engagement forms a big part of a sustainable blueprint for our rhinos and the Blue Canyon Conservancy. This is our heartfelt mandate to bring orginisations, governments, corporate entities and the unwaivered support with the general public’s voice as custodians for generations to come.

NkombeRhino.org is Dehorning Rhinos with the help of Isuzu South Africa 

Report from ENCA on our dehorning project with Isuzu SA

Click HERE for full article

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