Martin Meyer

Joe is a rugby professional with a love for the African bush.

A wildlife ambassador with a passion for conservation, focusing on rhino.


Joe has a love for African travel and its people, finding insperation in the continet's Wildlife.


Your voice is a powerful tool, especially if you are speaking on behalf of the voiceless. 

As Founder in Nkombe Rhino,his aim is the continued support of their APU and buildigng relationships with likeminded organizations. 



Martin is a passionate African Safri Specialist with more than 15 years of experience in the African bush.

His reputation has been built on the ability to forecast up-to-date safari information, recommendations and personalised itineraries.


As a man for and from the African bush, conservation and preservation of our wildlife is as important as sharing his homeland with his foreign visitors.


Martin is currently sharing his bush excellence, skill and ample knowledge with someone around a campfire..


Tim Parker

Starting his career in Natal Parks Board, Tim Parker has been working in conservation for the past 30 years. 


He runs his own Wildlife management business in the Hoedspruit area of Limpopo province. 


He is dedicated to the safeguarding of rhino populations in Southern Africa and has been a member of the Game Rangers Association of Africa since 1990.


Tim heads up and trains the Anti Poaching Unit.

Joe Pietersen

Willem Pietersen


Willem is a professional field guide, with 3 years experience in and around the safari industry, finding joy in sharing his passion for the African bush and everything it holds. 

With a keen knowledge of nature and a unassailable drive for the conservation of natural heritage his mind is set to make a difference. 


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