Dedicated Anti-poaching Units (APU's) are at the heart of our focus and conservation efforts and will remain a core vision of Nkombe Rhino.


These men face dangerous situations each day as the poaching pandemic has become a ‘war-zone’ - the frontline of conservation is where the members of the APU risk their lives on a daily basis trying to protect and conserve our heritage in South Africa - whilst being exposed to hostile conditions and the elements.


Nkombe’s mission is to provide sustainability for their future on the front line.

Our approach is to source the best equipment, from local and international organisations through funding from our supporters and custodians.

A large portion of our available funding is earmarked to upgrading satellite camps and living conditions, ensuring their basic needs are taken care of.

Units needs a place to call ‘home’ when they return from lengthy deployments in the harsh conditions of the African Savannah’s which they patrol to protect our wildlife.

Rhinos are being killed at an unprecedented rate for their horns. At this rate the worlds’ rhinos could be extinct by as early as 2025.

Pledge your support as time is of the essence to make a difference one person at a time.




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